Saturday, February 20, 2010

Many Faces Of Parker

Here are some photos from a play date the other day featuring a few of Parker's many faces. He can be pretty expressive and I think he's super funny. I like it when he counts down to making a funny face by going, "3....2....1...!"
Today during lunch (we were down town so we went to Silver Wok for their delicious lunch buffet), he said, "Can I have another soup please, Daddy?" His speech is really improving! And his manners are nice, too! He ate two bowls of won ton soup jam packed with noodles!


Abuelita said...

I agree - Parker's speech is wonderful. He's a pleasure to be with. We had so much fun together on Thursday - walked and played at the playgrounds for a long, long, time and he never complained only when it was time to go home!

jStar said...

Such a sweet little man!