Thursday, February 4, 2010


Parker is really into construction and large vehicles and he calls them all Boom Booms because of the sound they make. There's a lot of blasting in our neighbourhood because of all the rock, and the scooper things are always smashing and dumping boulders everywhere. So we've started eating our meals at the dining room table instead of the kitchen because the Boom Booms are practically in our back yard!

Calmly eating some cereal.
Om nom nom nom...
Wait, what's that?
"AHHHHH!!!!! It's a Boom Boom, Daddy!!!!"
He looks pleased with the construction.
Here's a zoomed in view of the scooper thing picking up rocks and dumping them into a truck. That pile used to be HUGE and it's already gone as of today! Parker liked to point out that the, "Boom Booms are WORKING! They're doing construction!"
A little more accurate view from our dining room window. They're at the end of the road, but not very far away. We can hear a low rumble when they dump rocks into the truck, and gigantic explosions when they blast (especially if we're in the basement). Good times!

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Kristyne said...

Gabriel calls them all "mighty machines". He'd be in heaven watching them all day. Love the expression on Parker's face! So cute.