Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Playdate With Friends!

Last week, Kristyne and Gabriel invited us and Lisa and Andrew over for a play date! We hadn't seen them in forever (except for that one time when we ran into them at Chapters randomly) so we were definitely up for it! Here are some photos:

Parker on his way to the car, looking unimpressed by my insistence that I take a photo in the cold.
Gabriel driving a truck around Parker's shoulder.
And down his back. Parker seems un-phased.
Arrrrrr! Pirate Gabriel!
It was a camera themed day! Here's Gabriel taking a photo of Parker with his little clown camera. When he pushes the button, the lens pops open and a clown comes out! I wish my camera did that.
Andrew eating some delicious muffins.

A very serious little boy.
........who might want to fight me.
Examining the muffin carefully.
Eating the muffin just as carefully. He takes the tiniest bites of things! It's funny.
Om nom nom nom....

Playing with the alphabet puzzle.
Thanks again for having us over! We had a great time! And I learned that golf can also be called zoof.

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