Friday, April 30, 2010

5 Things Parker Thinks Are Really Funny

1. Taking his shoes and socks off on the drive home from where ever we are. For some reason he thinks this is hilarious, and then he proceeds to smell his feet and tell us they smell like dirty cloth (from an episode of Toopy & Binoo). And then to top it off, he usually looks at me and says, "Haha now you have to carry me!!!!" since I usually just pick him up and bring him straight inside without putting his shoes and socks back on.

2. Being surprised. Like if you're chasing each other around through different rooms, then you hide behind the corner and jump out at him. It startles him but he cracks up every time and wants you to do it again.

3. Pronouncing words with the wrong letter. He has a Diego place mat that he eats every meal on and it kind of looks like this but the blue border is the alphabet. He was eating a banana one day and he looked at the letters and said, "V for banana!" and April said, "V for VAnana?!?!?!" and he thought it was awesome. So he made her go through every alphabet letter in reverse until they made it back around to the proper B for banana.

4. Spraying us with the garden hose. Pretty self-explanatory.

5. Scott! Parker thinks everything Scott does is the best thing ever. And when we ask Parker who his best friend is he always says, "Scott is my best friend!" Awwww.

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scott said...

haha! parker rules! :B !