Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Reading Is Fundamental!

Okay, so Parker can't actually READ yet, but he's getting really good at sight words! He's always been pretty interested in books and now his new thing is to say, "What's that spell?" while pointing to a word he sees. So far, he can recognize these words:

Parker Mommy Daddy stop cat go on off Lita snow bathroom of boo moo book hug Bobo Ella (hi Ally and Darryl!) Elmo not box courage hope train

And there might be a few more. He knows all of his upper and lower case letters, and can even read upside down! He's also really interested in knowing what the time is so we ordered him this awesome watch the other day (thanks to brgulker from DBB for shipping it to us!). Hopefully he doesn't just take it off when we put it on him, but he does a funny impression of me looking at my watch where he's all stoic and into it, so I think he'll like it.

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