Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Play Date At The Park

Thanks to Scott, Gemma, and Milo for inviting us to a playdate at the park on the weekend! We met a bunch of other parents and kids, which was fun to see because most of the kids were around 14-18 months old. Being around Parker always makes me forget what he was like when he was younger -- for some reason I always think he's just the way he is right now, and that's kind of always how he's been. So when I got to see all the younger guys wobbling around and stuff it was a nice reminder of how little he used to be! Here are some photos:

Parker is officially over his temporary fear of slides. He goes down them on his own again! Yay!
When ever I ask Parker to smile for the camera he yells, "CHEEEEEESE!" and looks a bit distressed.
On his way back Parker yelled out, "I found the water!"
And a stick!
Ready for action.
Ready for sliding.
Ready for looking suspiciously at others.
Ready for cleaning dirt off his hands.
And ready for more sliding.

Scott had a stash of Goldfish crackers and he'd sneak them to Parker every now and then. Parker thought it was hilarious, and he would run over onto this big open hill top, apparently to be more discreet about their transactions.
Milo playing in the sand with some trucks and shovels!
It sure is nice to be outside again without freezing!

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Claire said...

I LOVE the picture of Parker "sneaking" crackers on the hill...that is an amazing pic!!!
Keep the pictures coming!!!