Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What Did We Do Today?

We started the day with a nice breakfast of Raisin Brain for Parker and Corn Pops for me. Then we played with cars for a little bit, got dressed, and went to the Playtrium! We hadn't been there in a loooong time and April had a $2 off coupon, which is always nice! It was pretty quiet at the Playtrium but we still had a good time crawling through tunnels and across nets and stuff. Then we went to the grocery store, bought some regular ketchup (I accidentally bought Hot N' Spicy ketchup the other day but hate it -- anyone want it?) and a roasted chicken. Mmmm. After lunch, we read some books and Parker took a nap. Then I woke him up at 3:30, we played with his new watch and had a photo shoot, then April came home from work! She was super tired so we left her alone to nap while we went to the gas station, then to the post office to see Lynn (the lady who works there and looooves Parker), and we might have also bought some ovals. Then we drove downtown to pick up some Chinese food from our favourite restaurant ever, Silver Wok. If you're ever in Kingston and are craving Chinese, Silver Wok is the place to go. After dinner, Parker took a bath with April, they read some books, and then sleepy time! That's what our days are like! Good times.

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