Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Swings Are Awesome

Scott, Gemma, and Milo came over for a visit the other night and we had a chance to enjoy the awesome weather! Here are Parker and Milo on the swings, making faces and goofing around. Milo calls a swing a "weeee", and for good reason. Wee indeed, Milo. Wee indeed.
The hardest part was holding the play structure down! Our property sits on a gigantic bed of limestone, and the pegs to hold the structure into the ground don't actually hammer all the way in because they hit rock. So when both boys would swing in the same direction, it would lift the opposite end of the structure off the ground, which was mildly traumatizing. We need to figure out a new way to nail it down!


Gemma said...

Awesome pics Garrett! The sheer joy of the weee is so clear in their cute little faces!

Claire said...

Wow...Milo is so big now! Last time I saw him, he was a little baby! It looks like they have lots of fun together!
BTW: Your grass is so green! You're so lucky!

Abuelita said...

Milo, you're such a big boy now! We forget time flies and these babies continue to grow and grow. Can't help but smile when you see the joy in their faces. Parker, you seem to have such fun with your friend Milo. Yeah for friends!