Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Playing And Stuff

Kristyne and Jeff had a baby the other day!  So while they were at the hospital, we had a fun play day with Gabriel.  Here are some photos of Parker goofing around!

We made a tunnel out of Crazy Forts!  Blankets make excellent tunnel walls/ceilings.  And it's fun to break out the flash lights, too.

Parker waiting for Gabriel to make it through the tunnel.
Parker's turn.
Having breakfast and laughing at something funny.
Mmmm......  scrambled eggs.....
Reluctantly posing for a photo before hopping in the car to go to Kindermusik.
Playing on the swings!  It was really windy and Parker kept asking if the tree was going to fall down.  He was very concerned.  
I have a million-and-one other photos of Gabriel but don't want to splash them all over Parker's blog unless Kristyne and Jeff say it's okay!  But they're pretty fun photos.  :D


Kristyne said...

We can't begin to thank you enough for taking Gabriel for the day while Samuel was being born. Gabriel had been talking about going to Parker's house all week leading up to Saturday. He had so much fun... of course you can post photos! Thanks for documenting such a special day in Gabriel's life!

Abuelita said...

Can't get over how big these two boys are now - they're starting to look like 'little men'! Congrats on a new brother, Gabriel! Parker, I miss you...