Monday, April 20, 2009

First Trip To The Dentist

I took Parker to the dentist for the first time ever the other day!  There are a lot of mixed opinions as to when you should take your kids for their first checkup -- some dentists say 1 year, some books say 2, others say 3.  I called our dentist and asked, and she said any time after their baby teeth are in is fine because it will help them get used to it anyways.  He was pretty psyched to go see the dentist and was really happy about it in the car.  I kept saying, "Want to go see the dentist?" and he would reply, "OKAY!!!!!" and clap his hands.  Here he is in the car.
And here we are at the office.
Luckily they have a few little toys to play with in the waiting room.  Even though we didn't have to wait long, it definitely helped to have new things to mess around with!
The checkup was kind of funny.  I had to sit across from Dr. Taylor, with our knees touching and making a little chair.  Parker straddled my waist (facing me) and laid his head back on a little towel on her lap, so she was looking down (upside down) into his mouth.  He was okay until she put the mask and rubber gloves on and then he got a bit freaked out.  He kept saying, "Up, daddy!  Up!  Bye bye!" while crying, but crying was actually good because she could get a good look into his mouth!  She said his teeth were spaced apart nicely, and everything looked pretty decent.  His last molars are almost in, and his bite is aligned a bit to the left.  Here's Parker after the checkup, looking mildly confused with a mirror and a sticker:
After the dentist, we went to Toys R Us because we wanted to get Parker a portable booster chair thing for when we travel (something that we realized would be really useful when we were in Pennsylvania earlier).  Parker calls Toys R Us the Star store because of the big star on their logo.
Here he is in front of a wall of Yo Gabba Gabba stuff.  We ended up getting this booster chair.  Thanks for the recommendation, Lisa and Andrew!
Parker likes to run across to the neighbours' yards and transition from their driveways to their grass while saying bump BUMP!  
I had to call him back in though because we were about to eat lunch.  Oh, we also bought a little firetruck at Toys R Us (in his hand).  Not having snow on the ground is the best.


Abuelita said...

Yeah, Parker! First visit to the dentist and all went well...good for you big boy! Love the photos, and you're right, no snow is great for sure.

Kristyne said...

Wow! What a brave boy visiting the dentist already!

Claire said...

Parker Bear is such a brave little boy! Good job at the dentist! And, it was very nice of daddy to take you to Toys R Us later!

Garrett Elliott said...

Kristyne: Yeah! There are so many different opinions as to when you should take your toddler, so we just decided to go now. I'm hoping he has my wife's teeth instead of mine, though, or else we'd better start saving up for braces now!
Claire: His daddy is pretty cool. :D

Fred said...

He's so cute while in the dentist chair! He's a brave boy, I must say.

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