Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Almighty Playtrium

April was telling us about The Playtrium the other day, because she takes her class there. Since it's snowy and cold out, Parker and I decided to check it out. Our conclusion: it's the greatest thing ever. They have a toddler area (3 years and under) full of little slides and toys and they also have a super gigantic jungle gym thing for everyone else full of rope ladders, secret passageways, ball pits, tunnels, slides, gigantic rubber balls, and crazy swinging poles. It's awesome. They also have video games and a place where you can order some food if you're sticking around for a while! Anyways, we had a blast, and we ended up going on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning. Here are some photos of Parker getting his Playtrium on:
You know the opening scene to 2001: A Space Oddyssey? That's what should go through your mind as you approach the Atrium Mall from the outside in all of its magnificence.
Once inside, the first thing you notice is the gigantic structure thing, begging you to climb around in it. It's awesome. You might also notice the bank machine.
There are some arcade games, and the food counter is off in the distance, around the corner in this photo. There are plenty of places to sit or put your snacks while you play. And all three times we have been there (so far) it's been nice and clean and well-maintained.
A climbing wall for the older crazies.
If you can figure out how to get up there you're a better man than I.
These swinging poles are awesome. Parker was hilarious trying to run through them.
Here he goes!


The toddler section has this crazy thing, which might actually be a Death Machine, but we're not sure. You grab the steering wheel and pull yourself around, spinning both seats in the process. I'll take a better photo next time of Parker swinging around like crazy. It builds up some serious momentum!

These photos are slightly out of order, but Parker went straight to the little house (the same one at the Early Years Centre) so he could close the door and check for mail! He also brought an abacus, in case he had to do any emergency math.
So overall, the Playtrium is really cool. We're hoping to go back about a million more times or so.


Claire said...

That looks like a blast!! Parker (and daddy) must have loved playing there! Is it only in Kingston?

Kristyne said...

I literally laughed out loud when I read, "He also brought an abacus, in case he had to do any emergency math." Too funny. Sounds like something Gabriel would do.

We really need to check out Playtrium at some point in the new year. I have no doubt Gabe would love it as much as Parker does.

Garrett Elliott said...

Claire: Yeah, I think it's only in Kingston. But I'm sure Toronto has some sort of crazy indoor kid play area! If you come to Kingston and want to check it out, we're there.
Kristyne: One of Parker's favourite parts is in the giant climbing structure. At the top in one of the sections there's a whole bunch of little rooms where the walls are actually like little pet-door-flaps, so you can bust through them into the next room, and so on. It's really fun, but the floor is a bit hard on the knees (although they DO have knee pads at the front desk). You guys should definitely check it out!

scott said...

ha! milo is stoked - he is always prepared for emergency science. perhaps he and parker can team up for ze nobel, or something.. or maybe just video games. :B