Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter Is Awesome

Here are some photos of Parker playing in the snow for the first time ever! He was wearing one of Mommy's touques, which was a bit big, but he didn't seem to mind.

Thanks for the mittens, Grew family!

This photo cracks me up. I took three frames of this sequence, and in the first two Parker is just kind of staring at Mommy while she makes a snow angel. In the third, he looked back at me, smiled, and pointed! Haha! He's all like, "You so craaaazy, Mommy!"

Snow hugs for Mommy!

The view from our front door. The scariest part is that our snow banks are now three times the size they are in this photo.

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Abuelita said...

April, looking at these photos reminds me of you as a little girl, about Parker's age, having a ball playing in the snow. Like Mommy, like son. You two sure are having a good time. He looooves you so much, April; you can see it in his face.