Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Canvas Prints, Sock Removal, and Jammy Jams

We bought a canvas print of Parker hanging out at Lemoine Point!  It looks great!  
One of Parker's favourite past-times:  removing his socks.  I think there are about 300 pairs of socks in the back seat of our car because he always takes them off and then I just leave them there.  Our neighbours must think I'm crazy because I'm always removing a bare-footed child from our backseat.
Reading is fundamental!

Exploring his belly-button and grooving to some Yo Gabba Gabba music.
We caved in and bought Parker some warm, fuzzy winter sleepers the other day.  And now it's really tempting to just let him hang out in them all day long.  :D

"What's in here, Daddy?  Is there candy?  Or perhaps gold dubloons?"


Claire said...

I LOVE the canvas print...just beautiful! Parker looks so tall in his new Jammy Jams....I LOVE PARKER BEAR!

Starzy said...

If it's any piece of mind, I'm always removing a bare-footed child from my back seat as well! Love the pics!

Christy said...

I am ready to glue a pair of socks to my DD feet! She always takes them off and who knows where they go. Oh and she is 4 now, so they don't appear o grow out of it, granted I think she got it from me :)

Abuelita said...

I love you so much, Parker! Can I come visit Friday morning please???

Kristyne said...

That's a gorgeous canvas print... where did you get it done?

Socks... oh yes... the ongoing issue of trying to keep them on our little ones' feet.

And as for the fuzzy jammies... I hope there's nothing wrong with staying in them all day, as my little guy is often in his!!

Garrett Elliott said...

Claire: Parker IS tall! It's not just the jammy jams!
Kristy: Haha! That's crazy! Bare-footed childred must be all the rage. Maybe we need shoes that they can't pull off.... Glad you like the pics!
Christy: I ALWAYS wear socks, so I was hoping Parker would kind of take after me, but he thinks it's so funny when he yanks them off. And then he holds up to his foot and goes, "Daddy!" so I can put it back on. Hopefully by the time he's 4 he'll keep them on but who knows!
Kristyne: I get my canvas prints from They do awesome stuff!