Sunday, December 21, 2008

Secret Closet Forts

Sometimes if you need something to do, it's pretty easy to spend time making forts in the closet. Here's Parker getting ready to close the doors on himself in my bedroom closet.

The weird glow is from the flashlight that we play with. When he wants me in the closet he'll pat on the floor next to him and say, "Da...ddy..." And when I ask, "Do you want Daddy to come in with you?" he goes, "Yeah!"

Here were are, in the closet with our flash light to make laser beams.

And here he is after I closed myself in the closet and then he found me!

And here's Parker and Mommy before bath time goofing around on the bed. Parker loves Mommy so much!


Abuelita said...

Garrett, you're raising a true little 'boy'! You two have so much fun together; Parker lucked out with Daddy at home for sure!

Kristyne said...

We don't play in the closets, but we do turn off the lights in his very dark room and shine the flashlight on the ceiling... all the while singing "This Little Light of Mine". Fun times.

Claire said...

It looks like you and Parker really love spending time is so sweet!