Saturday, December 6, 2008

Visiting Baby Milo!

April, Parker and I went to visit Scott, Gemma, and new baby Milo this afternoon! He was born on November 27th so he's still just a little tiny baby (complete with new-baby smell). Parker thought the baby was pretty cute.....until he wanted to hang out with me and realized I was holding Milo. Then he had a mild fit of jealous rage. But other than that, the visit was great and Scott and Gemma are doing really well adjusting to parent hood! Hooray for babies! Here are some photos:

The happy family!

One of Parker's words is baby, so he thought the baby was pretty awesome.

"My camera sense is tingling!"

Kisses from Mummy!

Happy Dad!

The thinker.

Kung-fu grip! And bass-playing hands?

Sleepy Milo!



Gemma said...

Hormones out of control...crying a a lot...thanks SO much are SO talented. Milo is of course adorable but making a tired, hormonal, postpartum woman look that normal is quite a feat!!

Judy A said...

Wonderful photos Garrett and such a great new family Gemma, Scott and handsome wee Milo -- soo nice to see your lovely little fellow, Parker, being soo tender with Milo --You'll all have such fun growing together .... Enjoy every moment!!! Hugs'n'lov... judy

Garrett Elliott said...

Thanks Gemma and Judy! Glad you like the photos! Parker is psyched to run around with Milo!