Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hanging Out Around The House

Although the snow is melted today, last week was CRAZY cold and snowy! Parker and I had a few indoor days that involved much dancing, hat-wearing, hiding in the closet with flash lights, and running around the kitchen and basement. Here are some photos of us avoiding the outdoors:
Here's Parker lifting my basketball by the inflatable needle thing. Spalding does not recommend this. But if it means Parker wants to play with a basketball, I'm all for it. :D

Smiley face!

Smiley McSmilerson!

Hiding in the front hall closet, trying to be all sneaky.

I see you! The closet that we play in more often is probably my closet in our bedroom. I'll have to take some photos of that tomorrow because it's kind of funny. There's enough space for both of us to fit in the closet, and sometimes we bring a flash light in and shine it around.

On his birthday my grandma brought a fireman's hat for Parker! He wasn't that interested in hats before, but now he's all about the "at"! It usually stays in the front hall closet, but he'll run over, point at it, and go, "At! At! At!" Here he is, modelling the hat in the mirror (which is why the writing is backwards).

Making a small adjustment to the hat.

And here he is, wearing boots on his arms, of course.


Kristyne said...

Didn't you know that boots go on your arms? ;)

Garrett Elliott said...

Of course! Everyone knows that! :D

Claire said...

Hmm, basketball player or fireman? Hard choice....Parker Bear is so big now..he is really looking tall!