Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Last Day Of Summer

Since April had to go back to work today, we went down to Fairfield Park yesterday to enjoy the last day of summer! We left our house at around 9:30 am when it was nice and cool, but by 11 am it was about 300 degrees. Luckily Fairfield Park is just down the street from our house! It's weird living near the lake because we have seagulls flying around our neighbourhood all the time. That's strange to me. Here are some photos:

Parker loves the swings, which bodes well for the fact that he didn't get motion sickness from me! Yay!

Parker also seemed to really love the slide. At first he was leery, probably wondering why we were propping him up on million-degree plastic for his hot, sweaty thighs to stick to.

But as he slid down his smile got bigger and bigger. He ended up climbing back up the slide (which seemed like a ride for him in and of itself) and going down a few more times. He even went down head first a few times just because he's a boy like that.

How did this photo of Daddy get in here?!?!?! We're reading about Mr. Brown's ability to moo.

Mommy tickling Parker.

For some reason he thinks sunglasses are HILARIOUS. Like, funnier than Futurama and Family Guy combined. So April held his hands back (because you can't get near his face with sunglasses without him giggling and grabbing them) and I stuck them on his face.

"It's-a me!"

Here's Parker in the morning before going to the park in his big boy jammies. Two pieces! When he heard Mommy at the top of the stairs he almost burst into flames because he was so excited!

Parker at the park enjoying a delicious snack of Cheerios.

Mommy and Parker reading about how cows say moooooo and sheep say baaaaaaa!

He randomly figured out how to drink through a straw. Weird.


Abuelita said...

What a big boy Parker is. I love your family photos; they say so much about you three. Happy, happy, happy for sure. Love his laughter when April is tickling his tummy!

Claire said...

I love his smile...he is such a happy little boy!!! (it must be his auntie Claire!!)
I love the picture of him looking up the stairs toward April...he sure does love his mommy!!! Just melts your heart!