Thursday, September 18, 2008

Parker And Daddy's Excellent Adventure

Parker and I are out of town shooting a wedding this weekend, so here is a little photo diary of our trip from Kingston to Dresden today.

Parker and I, fresh and ready to go at 8:30 in the morning! Although I look more ready to go than Parker does.

He still looks unsure, but he had a nice ride, and the timing worked out really well. He ate breakfast at our house at 8, then we hopped in the car.

We pulled over at around 10 to have a quick snack and walk around a bit. What better place to pull over than The Big Apple? Here's Parker in front of it. It's actually pretty big, but I didn't want to leave him close to the apple for scale. He's just a little boy and one of the many tourists could have scooped him up and ran away with him.

Here's Parker enjoying a llama.

Here is the llama to be enjoyed.

Parker thought the llama was super funny, and he also enjoyed the dirty, rusty chain on the fence! We'll be going for tetanus shots later on.

Toronto! Yay!

We pulled over at 11:30 to go to Parker's favourite restaurant ever: Swiss Chalet. He loves the chicken and mashed potatoes.

Here's Parker messing with his place mat. This photo was actually taken post-meal, but Parker spent some time earlier colouring on the back of the place mat and smiling at all of the waitresses. He loves waitresses.

Here he is reading some trivia on the place mat. You can see where we were colouring earlier.

After lunch, we hit the road again. Parker tried to stay awake but he couldn't! He fell asleep at about 1 pm and slept until we pulled off the highway!

Dresden! Yay!


Claire said...

Love the pics! I love the one where Parker is in front of the big apple! BTW: I like the picture Parker took of Toronto b/c I know you always drive with both hands on the steering wheel!
It looks like you and Parker really have a great time together...yeah for daddy and Parker time!

Garrett Elliott said...

My camera is magical and takes photos even while I'm driving!