Friday, September 12, 2008

Rainy Day

It's been rainy and gloomy all morning so we had an indoor today (well, mostly indoors -- we made a quick trip to the post office earlier on). Here are some photos.

Parker loves looking outside through this window to see what's going on in the neighbourhood. Sometimes he'll see a woof woof (dog), sometimes he'll see a caaaaaah (car). I'm glad our window goes all the way to the floor! On some of the other house designs for our neighbourhood it only goes halfway down.

Parker found a hidden stash of books in the bottom of the closet and seemed quite pleased with himself.

Here I am using sneaky ninja photography skills to capture Parker in a super quiet, candid moment playing with his shoes. I really like this photo.

He has a mild obsession with his shoes. But he's getting really good at understanding what you're saying. I'll say, "Let's go outside, Parker! Get your shoes!" and he'll respond by saying, "SHOES!!!!" and then he gets them and brings them to me so I can put them on. So cute.

A closeup of his new Stride-Rite runner.

A blurry photo of Parker as he spun around to see what I was doing.

Parker was in super nerd book mode this morning. We must have read 100 books ("Five Fish" was a favourite). And if I would go to do something, I'd find him sitting quietly reading by himself. Smartest little boy ever? Probably.

Wondering why I keep taking photos of him.

We were listening to a live, acoustic Radiohead album and when the crowd starting applauding after a delightful rendition of Paranoid Android, Parker decided to join in. He's so polite like that.


Abuelita said...

It was wonderful to see April and Parker today. Had fun watching him trying to get spaghetti into his mouth; he loved the mushrooms I think. It's so good to see new photos of this beautiful little boy. Thanks, Garrett!

Claire said...

I love the new photos of Parker...I love the ones of him looking at his shoes and reading to himself...precious moments.