Friday, September 19, 2008

More Dresden Shenanigans

Parker sporting his new fall shirt.
Eating a delicious lunch of his favourite foods:  peas, macaroni (shaped like Disney characters, no less), raspberries, watermelon, and kidney beans.  Mmmmm....

Playing with his new toy, one of those things you push along the floor and the balls inside pop around.
Parker on the move!

Parker loves sitting in this little chair.  He pushes it around all over the house, and then he'll randomly sit down in it, look around, smile, and get back up and continue pushing.  I think he likes how he can sit in it and his feet touch the floor.  And I think he also likes how he can sit in it all by himself, like a big boy.

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Claire said...

Did you guys have fun on your boys only trip? It looks like it!!! Now please bring on more pics of Parker Bear!!!!