Monday, September 29, 2008

Greenview Aviaries

While we were in Dresden we went to Greenview Aviaries to look at all of the crazy animals. Here are a bunch of photos in no particular order:

Parker pointing to the swings and giong, "Weeeeeee!" He calls swings (and slides) "weeee".

Parker and Papa on the swings!

When Parker saw this little duck he pointed and said, "Ming Ming!" Haha! Too much TV for you, Parker Bear.

Parker and this baby goat were BFFs. The baby goat came right over as soon as Parker got near the fence so they could hang out.

Scary lion! Are they sure it can't jump over that fence....?

This wolf totally wanted to eat Parker. It followed us all along the cage as we walked by, licking its lips and sort of pacing back and forth.

Parker has a pop-up book about a crocodile and he's getting closer to being able to say it! It sounds kind of like, "Crocdaahh!"

More of Parker's friends, the baby goats.

This was super cute: Parker had a bunch of little Goldfish snacks in the cup-holder on his stroller, and he wanted to share them with the Alpaca! He held them out towards his little food dish and waved them around, so my dad put a few in and the Alpaca ate them. Parker was pleased.

Riding a dinosaur! ROAR!


Abuelita said...

So glad there are new photos! Yeah! Who's really having the most fun??? Parker or Nana and Papa? Looks like great times.

ncoles said...

lol, Is it said that I know Ming Ming is from wonder pets! lol Alaina loves that show. Too cute he called the duck that.

ncoles said...

Can you edit my typo, said is suppose to be sad, thanks :P

Garrett Elliott said...

Ming Ming rules.