Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Parker Vs. The Vacuum

Parker has a love/hate relationship with our vacuum.  On one hand, he thinks it's kind of big and loud scary, but on the other hand, it makes him laugh when we push it around.  A lot of times when I vacuum I'll put him in his playpen so he can just sort of stand there and watch, but here he is on the loose while April vacuumed the main floor the other day.  Parker is sporting his new jammies, too!  He's a bit young for the military, though.

"Greetings, fellow traveler!  Have you come to join me for some ale?"
"Forsooth, what kind of sorcery is this?"
"Perhaps I should investigate further."
"Eh, it's not so bad."

1 comment:

Claire said...

LOL! Parker looks so cute investigating this weird, loud machine! PJ's!