Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day With Daddy (Again)!

April went back to work today so it was a Daddy and Parker morning! We left at about 8:45 to go do stuff, and here are some photos of our travels:

Stop 1: The Bank. Here's a photo of Parker and bank guy Andrew after we opened his first account. Hooray for money! Parker looks indifferent to bank fees and marketing emails.

Stop 2: After the bank we headed over to Kiddie Kobbler, to buy some new shoes. His old ones are a bit tight, so it's time for an upgrade. We bought an awesome pair of cool blue running shoes, but I didn't take any photos. Maybe tomorrow he can run around the house in them and I'll fire away.

Stop 3: Here's Parker in a familiar locale: CostCo! We're in the battery aisle because I was looking for a super battery charger that will charge about 20 batteries to a near-nuclear state. Unfortunately we didn't find one, but Parker DID find...........................

Funny lights on the ceiling!

Stop 4: Foodland. Here's Parker buckled in and ready to head to the grocery store to buy a whole chicken. We like to split one for lunch. It's what we do.

Stop 5: Home! After his chicken-lunch Parker thought it would be a good idea to be happy and cute.

My mom is actually staying with us for a week while April adjusts to being back at work and I finish up some wedding shoots, so it will actually be a Nana and Parker week!

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