Friday, June 4, 2010

From The Vault

Some old photos I found on a backup disc a while back!  Who are those young'uns without a 3-year old and an impending little girl?  
My old room had the kewlest basketball posters evar.
Well before Grey's Anatomy was cool, April and I were ahead of the curve at this old Hallowe'en party.
I don't look pleased by this nice hug.
I look happier with this hug though.  2001!  Man, that was a long time ago!


Abuelita said...

Wow! Hard to believe that was 2001 - seems so long ago, doesn't it? Beautiful then, beautiful now.

Claire said...

OMG!! look soooo young! And, look sooo young and super skinny (don't worry...nothing has changed!!)