Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Parker's Blog: Gabriel Edition

So while Kristyne and Jeff were busy having a baby, here's what we did with Gabriel!

We got to our house at around 7:30 I think, and we decided to play in the basement a bit before breakfast.  Here's Gabriel dominating a dinosaur puzzle.
Here he is crawling through the tunnel (sorry it's a bit grainy).
Looking suspicious of the Toopy & Binoo puzzle.
Taking Mater for a ride (which he loved).
Playing with the flashlight (which he also loved).
Playing some scales on the piano.
Time for breakfast!  We had a yummy plate of raspberries, watermelon, grapes, and scrambled eggies.
Making some faces.  Blaaaaah!
Post-breakfast construction with a gigantic dozer.
While Parker went upstairs to get dressed for Kindermusik, we went back down to play with the train table.
Gabriel was pleased that we have two Thomases.
Taking a break to sketch something.
Some hugs in the kitchen before music.
Playing with the gears on our fridge while April tries to get some drinks ready for the road trip.
Reluctant models.
Striking a pose with his bag of animal crackers.
Alison broke out the flute!
Ducky had to have a turn playing the flute.
We took a break from Kindermusik to rock out on the drum set downstairs.  Here's Gabriel playing Tom Sawyer, by Rush.  He should be ready to start a family band in no time!
Hanging out in the street.  We're rebels like that.
Gabriel and Parker goofing around in the back seat after we got home from downtown.  Parker showed Gabriel how awesome it is to take your shoes off while driving.  Sorry Kristyne!
More hugs.
While April was making lunch, we went out in the backyard for some quick swings.  Weeeeee!

Mmmmm....  grilled cheese sammiches......
After lunch Gabriel took a nap, and then when he woke up he wanted to go back outside to play with Parker's car for a bit.  So here he is having a quick drink and bite to eat on the stairs.
Getting his drive on.
We went to a park after that but I didn't bring the camera because I just wanted to play on the slides too.  But after the park we went home for a dinner of macaroni and cheese, carrots, and chicken.  Mmmmmm....
Gabriel checking out Parker's Backyardigans book.  Parker and I showed Gabriel how to wear foam things on your arms, which instantly transforms you into a robot.
Showing off his robot arms.
Parker and Gabriel in the bath!  It was a sweaty day at the park so it was nice to get clean.
After the bath, Jeff called and I took Gabriel back home for the night to stay with his Nanny, so I think he was happy to see her.  Hopefully we didn't traumatize him too much!  :D

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Jeff said...

Very cool - Thanks again Parker for being such a good host! :)