Saturday, June 5, 2010

Parker's Own Camera

I picked up a Kid-Tough Digital Camera for Parker the other day thinking he could take his own photos for the blog every now and then and so far so good.  The camera is really sturdy and I don't think it'll break if he throws it down a flight of stairs, but the photo quality leaves a bit to be desired.  I guess when your child is three you don't really need 22 megapixels or anything, but I wish the images were a BIT sharper with better colours.  Ah well.  It's still nice that he can take his own, so here is his first public gallery:

My watch and Parker's leg, blown out by the built-in flash.  
Parker's face, also blown out by the built-in flash.
I took this one while we were driving around.  It's not bad in the day light.
Parker takes a lot of photos of his face.

April making scrambled eggs for Parker and Gabriel.

Me vacuuming the basement.
Me making lunch.
Parker's lunch.
One of our washrooms with a car in it.
Parker's face again.


andra said...

Ooo, the one of the washroom w/ the car in it is very ... artistic. How'd the car get there? Why are there no other toys around? What is the meaning of life?
Can't wait to see more of Parker's Pics (hello title-for-a-new-blog!)

Abuelita said...

So Parker seems to be following in his daddy's footsteps...great photos, Parker!