Monday, June 7, 2010

Nana & Papa's House

Before our new baby comes, April and I came up with a plan to give each other a free weekend to hang out and do whatever we want (since it might be our last chance for a while).  So this weekend I decided to bring Parker to Dresden to visit my parents while she had a book club, and did some scrap booking, and a bit of shopping and movie-watching!  We left on Friday morning and are sticking around until Wednesday morning.  I actually forgot to bring my camera (and realized it as soon as I pulled onto the 401, of course) but luckily Parker had his camera handy.  Here are some photos.

It was a long drive on the 401 because we had to stop for a lot of bathroom breaks.  Here's a rest stop!  I highly recommend their washrooms.
Parker reading some books.  I love how he sits with his leg crossed.  It seems like he should be reading The New Yorker while wearing a top hat and monocle.  Instead, he's reading Dora.
Some tall buildings as we pass through Toronto.
Parker trying to see where we're going, or if there are any train tracks coming.
We made it to Nana and Papa's house!  Yay!
Watching some TV.  I think CSI was on.
Just kidding, it was Elmo.
Parker and Nana playing a game.
Strolling through the kitchen with some serious arm swinging.
Playing some songs on the farm fridge magnet thing.  If you press the frog button at the top it plays 3 or 4 different songs.  He really likes when it plays Six Little Ducks (at least that's what Google says it's called).
Parker's been doing this weird thing lately where he walks really close to a wall, or chair, or some sort of surface while staring at it as he walks.  I keep reminding him to watch where he's walking so he doesn't bonk his head on a door knob or fall into an open manhole cover, but he seems to be really into this right now for some reason.
Enjoying some chocolate milk with his lunch while watching some birds in the back yard.
Being a little chef with Nana!  He helped make "chocolate cookies", which were actually just little chocolate muffin things.
Pour pour pour!
Parker took this photo of Nana.
And he took this photo of Papa.
Connor, Mason, and Uncle Devon came for a visit yesterday!  Here's Connor.
Here's my BFF Mason.
Mason showing Parker some Elmo stickers.

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