Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Good Times At Rotary Park

We stopped in at Rotary Park the other morning after our unsuccessful attempt to fly our Brobee Kite at Lemoine Point.  I think we needed more wind, so we'll give it another go next week hopefully.  I wanted to take some cool kite-flying photos and videos, so hopefully we can do it!  Luckily the park doesn't require wind to play.

He enjoyed sitting at this little table set....
And pretending to eat cookies.....
Scooping some up......
Stuffing his mouth full!  Om nom nom nom....
Here he is doing that weird thing where he doesn't actually look where he's walking, but instead stares off to the side.  This is exceptionally dangerous on a play structure because there are openings for fire poles and climbing bars and slides that he could just tumble down without noticing.
Clapping for himself after he sat down on the little stool.
Staring at the lady and kid swinging next to us.

Doing that walking/staring thing again.  A common thing heard from me is, "WATCH WHERE YOU'RE WALKING PLEASE!!!!!"
On our way to the car, Parker saw a gigantic puddle and wanted to walk through it.  It just so happened that I wanted to take photos of mud splashing everywhere, so we were a good combination.
There was a family having a picnic nearby and they stared at us the entire time, probably thinking we were crazy.
But the mud explosions were pretty awesome.
He was pretending to be a blender, mixing up ingredients to make juice.  April makes him juice that he calls "New Juice" which is usually made up of frozen strawberries, a banana, and some orange juice or apple juice (there might be one or two other ingredients in there that I'm forgetting because I never actually make it).
When we got home we had a nice lunch of peanut butter sandwiches, raspberries, and Goldfish crackers.

Ready for an Ozzy concert.


Anonymous said...

It looks like the before shot in a Tide commercial...although Parker somehow managed to keep his white t-shirt mud free...impressive.

Garrett Elliott said...

Ali: Yeah, surprisingly enough the shirt was spotless! The shorts.......not so much.