Saturday, April 12, 2008

Elmo Makes Music!

We took Parker to the brand new K-Rock Centre today to see Elmo Makes Music! We weren't sure if he would like it or not, because there was definitely potential for nightmarish monster costumes and loud scary noises, but Parker made it through the whole 90 minute show! At first he was a bit leery of everything, and he wanted lots of hugs to stay safe from all the singing and dancing (choreographed dance routines can be very intimidating). After a bit, though, he really warmed up and even started to bust a move to the Cookie Crumba-Rumba and Jenny's Sesame Street Band. The plot revolved around a music teacher named Jenny who just moved to Sesame Street, but her instruments were lost on a truck somewhere. The Sesame Street monsters (all of whom I recognized except for "Roxie Marie", who seemed strangely depressed for much of the show) were pretty entertaining and the music was catchy. I think Parker kind of liked it, even if he was a bit confused by the whole thing. Here are some photos.

Some pre-show table-climbing.

Okay, so this is a cheesy cardboard cut-out of Sesame Street characters that's actually an ad for some sort of vacation. But everyone was taking photos there and we wanted to be cool.

Here's Parker getting the lay of the land when we first got to our seats.

Me and the Bear in front of cheesy vacation sign.

Prairie Dawn rocking it out like there's no tomorrow. That's Jenny, the music teacher, making a wacky face in the background. Oscar The Grouch didn't get a lot of face time in the show.

Parker during intermission, clapping on mommy's shoulder.

Looking pensive, wondering why Jenny didn't obtain a tracking number or some sort of contact number for the truck carrying thousands of dollars of expensive musical equipment.

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