Thursday, April 17, 2008

More Visitors!

Parker had some more visitors the other day! Anne Marie and Brielle stopped by for a quick chat and to feed Parker lots of Cheerios! April and Anne Marie grew up in Brockville together, and now everyone has kids because we're all so old. Anne Marie's sister, Janique, just had a baby before Claire did a few months ago! Everyone has the baby fever. Here are some photos.


Andrea said...

So where does he get the crazy fire red hair from??

And yes, I am worried about the sun. We have to get out and buy some baby sunscreen -- which I hear is okay to use after 3 months. Right now we use the sunshade on his stroller and a hat. But pretty soon we'll slather him in sunscreen every day.

Garrett Elliott said...

I think he gets the red hair from my grandpa on my dad's side, but it still might end up being more brown than red. Right now it's kind of an orangey-brown -- more orange in the sun and more brown inside. We thought he'd have dark black hair like me!

We're going on a vacation to Myrtle Beach and April picked up some Bana Boat baby SPF 50 suncreen. This stuff:

Hopefully it works!