Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Prophecy Has Come True

My last post about Not The Mama has totally come true! This morning while I was feeding Parker breakfast he would look at me and smile and say, "Mama!" and I'd go, "Nooooo, Dada!" He'd look away for a second, eat some food, then look back up and go, "Mama?" Here are some photos of him in his Dino Rampage outfit, goofing around before a nap. And Superman, who used to be so big compared to Parker, is now reduced to being eaten because he's so small and chewable.


Anonymous said...

say daaaaaaaa....... say deeeeee

Abuelita said...

Your time will come, Garrett! And if Parker is anything like his mom, he'll be elocquent by the time he's two! He's getting BIG!

Garrett Elliott said...

I couldn't speak until I was 27, so maybe it'll be a while. :D