Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Parker And Meat!

We went to CostCo today to pick up some more diapers (Parker is up to size 4 now) and while we there I took a few photos of him in the cart. Also of note is the Christmas shirt that Aunt Claire and Uncle Shawn got him! Stylin' and profilin'.

Here's Parker in front of the meat section! Yay meat!

And here's Parker down the milk aisle! Yay lactose!

Parker looooooves mommy.

He also loves tossing Superman out of his crib for some reason. We pick him up and put him back in, only to have Parker lob him over the side again like a hand grenade.

Parker loooooves Superman.


Claire said...

Parker really is just an absolutely adorable little boy! I love the picture of him with his superman...that is so funny! (maybe not so much for mommy and daddy!)

Abuelita said...

I can just see him tossing his Superman over the railing. He's just too funny. Just love that black and white photo. You need to enter that one in a contest of baby photos. Beautiful little boy for sure.

Nicole said...

Love your blog. You are a very talent photographer! The shopping cart pictures are great.

Garrett Elliott said...

Thanks Nicole! Parker is an easy subject to photograph, so he makes me look better than I actually am. :D