Monday, April 28, 2008

Stay At Home Dad Guy

Today was my first official day as Stay At Home Dad Guy! April went back to work for the first time in over a year, which is really weird, but we stopped in at lunch to say hi because Parker wondered where she was. Since April couldn't be with us on our adventures today, I took photos every where we went (which wasn't really any where exciting, but we had to get some errands done). So here we go on an photo essay of Garrett And Parker's First Day:

The main goal today was to try and put Parker back on his pre-Myrtle Beach schedule of two naps a day and 5 meals a day. But to do that, we needed to actually have food to eat. So our first trip was to CostCo for formula. Here's Parker admiring all the different brands of diapers.

And here we are in the checkout line, spying on what the person in front of us is buying. OMG YOU SHOULD TOTALLY SEE WHAT THEY BOUGHT. OMG. The cashier thought Parker was cute.

Here we are in the parking lot, after our successful purchase of formula (which Parker is guarding from potential thieves). It was rainy and miserable so Parker had to use his super awesome hood to stay dry.

Here's us, hamming it up in the parking lot while people were waiting for shopping carts. We were in the way, and they had to wait while we took photos of ourselves! Haha!

Here we are at the grocery store in the vegetable section. Mmmmm... vegetables.

And here we are in the checkout line. Parker is looking at the magazines, wondering what's up with baby Suri and how Mariah lost 20 pounds.

The rest of our day consisted of eating, sleeping, and playing! Pretty standard stuff. So far so good!


MadHacktress said...

Super baby and super daddy on the move!!

Yay Loblaws! Boo Midland Market... :P

Andrea said...

Looks like you and Parker had a great day!!

Garrett Elliott said...

Terry: Loblaw's is the best! Parker likes the organics section. And he also likes the lights on the ceiling.

Andrea: Yeah! Except for the rain. Booooo. We were actually supposed to have swimming lessons today but we played hooky.

Anonymous said...

how did you get everything to curve? is it a lens or a technique?

Garrett Elliott said...

You can get the image to curve (so that you can see more of what's around you) by using a fisheye lens. I have the Nikon 10.5 mm f2.8 lens that I use on my D200!

Anonymous said...

would that lens work on my D50?

Garrett Elliott said...

It would! This is the lens:

It's good for some things (definitely not everything) but it's a fun lens to have available.