Monday, April 28, 2008

Myrtle Beach!

April, Parker and I just returned home from a great vacation in Myrtle Beach with Nana and Papa! We weren't sure if we wanted to drive or fly down, but we opted for driving. It's about 13 hours from Amherstview I think, but with a cute little boy in the backseat you have to make plenty of stops for snacks and leg-stretching. And we also didn't drive overnight so that he could have a good night's sleep. Parker was awesome the entire drive down! He sat in the back, giggling at stuff, looking out the window, eating his little Cheerios, and taking naps. We brought his (and I say "his" loosely) Hi-5 CD to listen to on the drive, so I think that helped too.

The weather was awesome, and it was nice to get away from home for a little bit! We've spent the last year just hanging out and watching Parker grow, so it was fun to get away and spend some time on the beach and in the pools! We think Parker grew a bit while we were there, because he seems a bit taller. And his hair seemed a bit more red, but it could have been the sun. This will be a looong post because of the bazillion photos, and they're not in chronological order (curse you, Blogger Image Uploader) but I'll try to put a few little descriptions here and there. On to the photos!

April and Parker playing in the sand on the beach!

Parker learned quickly that sand is not a snacky snack.

The hotel had a nice lazy river, where you could float along in innertubes and relax! The only bad part was that the water was salt water and tasted like dirty gym socks. This little waterfall pouring down from the bridge was our nemesis.

The view from the front of our hotel room, looking out over Myrtle Beach!

The beach!

Parker looking at the ocean, probably trying to figure out what it is.

Parker stepping into ocean water for the first time ever!

Parker and Papa on the beach!

Parker in the hotel room (which was more like a 3-bedroom apartment). He enjoyed climbing the drawers and pulling on those metal handles.

Parker sporting his new "Band Practice" t-shirt from Scott and Gemma! Thanks guys! He's also wearing some Myrtle Beach pants! Ooooo!

Parker showing off his fine physique in the new swimsuit Nana and Papa got him! He looks ready to surf with Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong.

Parker sporting a baby-mohawk after his bath.


Us swimming in one of the bazillion pools! Parker's Starfish swimming skills have totally paid off!

A random palm tree outside our hotel. Palm trees make everything better.

Parker wearing his little Gilligan hat and riding in Nana and Papa's big car!

Parker and Nana, hanging out.

Parker and Mommy on the balcony at the back of our room, looking out over the ocean!

Us getting splashed by gym-sock-smelling salt water! Yay!

Parker and Mommy being cute together!

This story has nothing to do with the photos, but April and I noticed that Parker REALLY wants to play with other boys. It was so funny! We were lounging in the lazy river, and there was a group of kids maybe 7 years old doing flips and goofing around, and every time they would come near Parker he would smile all nice at them and try to be their friend. He totally wanted to play with them. Super cute.

Parker having lunch at a Cracker Barrel on the way down! They make good pancakes.

Parker sitting in a rocking chair outside the Cracker Barrel. He was eating a piece of straw and playing a banjo, but I didn't get a photo of that.

One of the hotels we stayed at to break up the drive on the way down.

The view from our hotel window (looking out over Vienna, Virgina).

Parker giving me a much-needed break from driving.


Abuelita said...

It looks like you guys had a terrific time in Myrtle Beach! My grandson looks so happy in the warm, sandy beaches. I love his bathing really shows off his physique.
I am so glad you are back and close by again. Missed you lots while you were away.

Claire said...

Loved the pictures of your trip...looks like you guys had lots of fun! Love the new swimsuit on Parker - too cute! Parker really is growing up quickly-he looks like a little boy who just loves to play!

scott said...

hah, awesome pics! and nice threads, p-dog. :)