Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Visiting Kellen

April and Parker have gone on a road trip today to visit Claire and little cousin Kellen today! But before they left, I took a few photos of Parker crawling around and sporting his new jacket from great grandma and great grandpa W! Thanks! It's a little boy jacket!

I asked April to stand Parker up and hold his hands for a shot of his new jacket, and he decided to start walking! Not on his own, but if you hold his little hands he'll take off like a small turtle. It's pretty cute because he's a bit wobbly and uneasy, but he's definitely getting more confidence in his bipedal abilitles.
He also does a thing now where he'll spin his arms around in circles in front of him, which makes it particularly difficult to feed him if he's doing it in his high chair. Feeding him a snack yesterday was like trying to refuel a moving airplane with both propellers spinning in your face. Or, since I was on an Indiana Jones kick yesterday (must be the new movie), it was kind of like this.
Also, Parker has GIANT MITTS for hands. It's like he's wearing baseball gloves or something. Check out photo 2 and 3. Maybe he'll be 6'7" and have Chris Webber hands! Hooray for being able to palm a basketball and dunk!

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Claire said...

Kellen and I had such a great visit with Auntie April and Parker...Kellen says he loves Parker and can't wait to see him again! I am so blown away with how big Parker is now...he is so tall with huge hands and feet! He is truly a little boy now! Can't wait to see him on his birthday!