Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mad Skillz, Yo

I tried to get photos of Parker showing off his new skills (raising his arms over his head like he just won first place in a marathon, clapping, and making his powering up face). I don't know if the photos quite do them justice, though. Especially the powering up face -- it works better in person. So here's a tour of Parker's faces and arm-moving abilities:

Regular Parker:

Victory! He does this randomly and it always makes me laugh.

A rare combination: victory...........WITH A POWERING UP FACE!!!!!

Clappy McClaperson:


Claire said...

I love Parker!!! I think he should get his own t.v. show so we can all just watch him and be humoured by his every move!!!

Garrett Elliott said...

Parker TV! All Parker, all the time.

Leace said...

ha ha ha - the powering up face rules!
>very cute<

Garrett Elliott said...

The face cracks me up! He's starting to do it less often now, though, so maybe he'll move onto something else that's just as weird/funny.