Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brockville Easter Visit

On Saturday we stopped in to see Lita, Grandpa, Uncle Shawn, Aunt Claire, and cousin Kellen for a few hours!  Kellen is so much bigger than I remember because we don't get to see him very often, and it's kind of weird to see him walking on his own!  He's a walking machine!  We stayed for a nice lunch and then headed home in the afternoon, but here are some photos of our visit.

Some fine chalk art by Mommy and Parker in our driveway!
Parker is OBSESSED with bumps in the road for some reason.  When ever we go over a railroad track (or any bump, really) he yells, "Bump BUMP!!!" and is usually pretty happy about it. He also calls curbs (and any threshold, really) bump bumps.  But this is probably his favourite set of tracks, near our house but on the way to the 401.  Sweet, sweet bump bumps.
Cousin Kellen doesn't like my camera very much.
Walking and wearing a super cool Batman shirt!
Kellen and Parker, hanging out on the couch, being cousins.
Kellen, Parker, and Lita (or Dita, as Parker calls her).
Kellen, relaxing on the couch and watching some TV I think.
Parker examining one of his Easter Ovals.
Claire and Shawn had an appointment to go to in the morning so we got to babysit Kellen!  We fed him lots of chocolate, pop, and chips, and also watched The Exorcist.  And we read some books.
Parker was really into hugging Kellen all day!  Kellen wasn't very interested in hugging back, but it was still pretty cute to watch.
Mommy and Parker reading an exciting Dora book.
Kellen having a snack.  He doesn't like my camera very much!  Every time I'd fire off a few frames he'd get weirded out by it and try to run away.
Sometimes Parker will walk along and then just lay on the floor and say, "Night night!"  It usually doesn't last for very long, though, because he's pretty busy and doesn't sit still very much.  
Phil explaining some concepts of macro-economics to Parker.
Lita, Shawn, Claire, Levi, Parker, April, and Kennedy!


Claire said...

YEAH!!! I love the pictures! Too bad Kellen NEVER smiles for your must be because you made him watch the Exorcist while eating chips and chocolate!

Abuelita said...

What can a happy grandmother say?? I love your visits, I love the babies and Parker stole my heart when he was born as did Kellen. Wish I could have you guys here way more often. Love the company!