Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We were invited to a playgroup today, so we went!  Here are some photos of the action:
Parker trying to stuff a bus into the drawer on the vanity thing.
He found some plastic corn (which is probably one of his favourite foods) and thought it would be a good idea to bite it. 
He alternated between putting the bus in the microwave, in the oven, and then down the garbage disposal.  We get lots of practice saying bus, car, and truck while we drive around.  Who knew cars were so important?

I was saying to one of the other parents that it's kind of funny going to a playgroup like this because everything is so new and different that the kids never sit still for very long.  Parker went from one Sesame Street-related toy to another.
Working on a puzzle.

Overall it was a pretty good morning!  There were lots of parents (hi Lisa, Lori, and Kristyne!) and kids (hi Andrew, Jake, and Gabriel!) there and Parker even did some of the motions during the circle time songs.  Mostly the round and round part of "The Wheels On The Bus" but that's a good start, because he usually just sits on my lap and watches!  For someone who loves music so much, he always seems content to sit back and watch circle time without jumping around too much.  After the playgroup, we went to the Kingston This Week office to meet Rob Mooy (photo editor guy) and he gave Parker a book!  Best visit ever!

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Kristyne said...

A bus in the microwave is better than the baby Gabriel was stuffing in the oven! LOL

I was very impressed with Parker's colour-naming abilities this morning. His language has really sky-rocketed lately!!