Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 9, 2009

Here's a little photo essay of our day today!  The snow melted and it was nice out again!  Hooray!

Little boy walking down the street.  He stopped a few times to say, "hi shadow!" and wave politely.
Little boy walking down the sidewalk.
It was nice out!  A bit windy, but the temperature on the car readout said 10 degrees.
Playing with the door-lock buttons.  He really likes it when things make a clicking sound, so he'll push the buttons over and over again while going, "Click!  Click!"  He does this with the clips on his high chair, too.  
Ready to hit the road!
First stop:  the bank.  I wonder if they'll look at the security camera footage, see a guy with a camera, and freak out?
Then we went to Rotary Park because they have a pretty awesome play structure.  We're hoping to go there a lot when it gets warmer, because the park is awesome (swings, slides, a crazy play structure thing) and it's also next to Lemoine Point, which is also awesome and great for hiking.  It's also next to the airport, and we saw an airplane landing, which Parker loved.
Here he is looking at the airplane.
And here he is, excited to be on the play structure.
Wondering if he should go in the tunnel or not.
(he opted for not this time)
"Daaaaaddy!  Quit following me!  It's not cool!"
It's nice to see green grass again!
More of the play structure.  After you run up a ramp, you have the option of going down multiple slides (although one is certainly a slide of DOOM, because it's 5 million feet in the air).  Parker actually hurt himself on a slide a few weeks ago at the Playtrium so now he's mildly traumatized I think.  He rolled over onto his tummy on the way down and smashed his mouth, giving himself a bloody lip.  So now he goes over towards the yellow swirly slide, points at it and says, "Slide!!!"  When I ask, "Want to go down the slide?" he usually answers, "Okay!" but then when I get him closer he says, "Bye bye slide!  Bye bye!" and gets all nervous and wants to leave.  So one day we'll conquer the slide again.

Climbing the stairs, which he alternates between calling "stairs", "up", and "down".

After the park, we stopped at Taco Bell to pick up lunch for Mommy.  She bravely took some old left-overs to work, but we were nervous about her eating them.  So she got Combo #2 instead.
Parker showing off his sunglasses.  He doesn't usually wear them -- he just puts them on for show, then takes them off.

After the visit to April's school, we went home, had lunch, and then took a nap!  Hooray!

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Kristyne said...

That was an awesome recap of your day! So jealous you hit Rotary Park! We'll have to visit it ourselves one of these days!