Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Parker hosted his first ever playdate by having two friends over to our house this morning!  We invited Kristyne and Gabriel, and Lisa and Andrew (who we know from our time at the Early Years Centre, and also a few forums)!  I think everyone had a great time, which was awesome, because I was a bit nervous having people over!  We're hermits and don't have many guests over, so it was fun to have new people for Parker to hang out and share toys with!  Here are a bazillion photos!

Gabriel playing with a little wooden owl (I think) from Parker's name puzzle.
Parker laughing at something funny Kristyne said.  After this, he probably tried to steal her glasses.
Andrew with some GIGANTIC BLUE EYES!
Trying to steal my camera from me!
Gabriel seemed to dig the fridge magnets!  The alphabet letters are really cool!  I think they've really helped Parker learn the ABCs!
Andrew getting ready to show off his vertical and do a slam dunk.  The basketball net was a huge hit and we might have some future all-stars on our hands.
Gabriel checking out some Grumpy Bird action.
Time to colour!  Apparently Gabriel always goes for purple, Andrew always goes for orange, and Parker seems to go for yellow.  Weeeeird.

Gabriel went right to the Yo Gabba Gabba book!  It's a sign!  He wants to be a fan!  Even Andrew is like, "What's that awesome book you're reading?"
Gabriel with the two-handed slam!
Reading some Dora.

Thanks again for coming over!  Parker went to sleep in about 5 minutes after everyone left!


Lisa said...

Thanks so much for having us over today Garrett and Parker! Andrew and I both had a great time. :)

Abuelita said...

Looks like all the children had great fun. What a good idea to have playgroups join you at home. Parker seems like quite the host!