Monday, April 6, 2009

Kindermusik and Friends!

April has been taking Parker to an AWESOME class on Saturday mornings called Kindermusik, where they play instruments and sing songs and dance, and they've been having a blast!  It was their last class for this "semester" on Saturday, so I brought my camera and took a few photos.  We signed up for the next one, though, because April and Parker have such a blast!  Here's the Kingston School of Music where the magic happens.  I played some drums in the music store for a bit while April and Parker busted a move upstairs.
Here's Parker at the end of class, being all ka-razee!
Then after Kindermusik, we went to visit some friends -- the Ross Family!  I know Kristyne through a few forums, and we've met up at the Playtrium a few times as well, so it was good to get everyone together for a change!  Here are some photos of Parker and his new BFF Gabriel being goofy.
Here's Gabriel with a hat on his head, roaming around from person to person and hugging them while giggling.
Here's Parker showing off one of the awesome muffins that Kristyne baked!  And we got to take some home, too!  Oooooo!
Gabriel riding his awesome Lion King riding machine that plays music and does all kinds of crazy stuff.  He also has markers (I think?) that let him draw on the windows, which we're definitely going to look into.
Parker working on some advanced equations.
Gabriel perfecting some abstract art.


I just realized I missed a bunch of photos, so here are some more!  Gabriel playing peek-a-boo under a blanket with April.

Playing with the super farm!

Thanks again for the invite, Ross family!  :D

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Kristyne said...

So glad you guys were able to make it over! It was a fun morning. We should all get together again soon!