Monday, April 13, 2009


Since Parker doesn't really know anything about Easter, or Easter Eggs, or the Easter Bunny, we thought it might be fun to just put some eggs out around the house to see if he could figure out that he was supposed to collect them.  Since he didn't know they were Easter Eggs, he called them ovals (he's really into shapes) -- so we had an Oval Hunt instead of an Easter Egg Hunt.  Here he is finding a few on the couch!
"Oooovaaaaal!  Where aaaaare yoooooou?"
"HI OVAL!!!!!!!"
And after the hunt, we had an awesome breakfast of star-shaped pancakes and strawberries!  Mmmmmm!
Here are some videos of Parker on his Oval Hunt!  We had them upstairs....
And downstairs as well for maximum ovals.