Friday, April 3, 2009

Hat & Chocolatey Toddler

I was cleaning out the closet and found a bunch of scarves and hats, so naturally I threw them in a big pile on the floor.  Parker found a hat and thought it was the awesomest thing ever.  Sorry about the photo quality, but I just grabbed the point-and-shoot because it was closer!  And sorry about the mirror quality -- we should Windex more often.  :D
These photos are actually in reverse order, but here's Parker enjoying some chocolate batter from a delicious cake that April made!  He loved licking the beater thing, although he sometimes has issues with getting stuff on his hands.  He'll hold them out and go, "Clean!  Clean!" so we can wipe them down.  But I think chocolatey goodness trumps cleanliness.

Who needs mango, broccoli, and carrots when you can have chocolate?  Nobody, that's who.

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Claire said...

Uncle Shawn is very jealous that Parker didn't save him any chocolate! It looks like Parker was having lots of fun with his chocolate!