Monday, April 6, 2009

Throw It Doooowwwwwn, Big Man! Throw It Down!

Since the weather is getting nicer, we wanted to get Parker some outdoor toys to play with!  I'm a huge basketball fan so we picked up this awesome Little Tike basketball net!  How could you NOT buy it with a photo on the box like this?  

That kid is taking it hard to the rim.
Here's Parker testing out his net for the first time.....with a HUGE DUNK!  Just like the photo on the box!  I knew those massive hands of his would pay off!  Throw it doooowwwnnn, big man!  Throw it down!

He was so psyched up after his jam that he did a little dance while laughing and cheering.  He's lucky he didn't get a technical for taunting.  Here he is with a second jam.

Bring on summer (and maybe a defender)!


Rob G. said...

How can he just get to the rim like that? I'm going to train my boy to block shots and defend the hole.

Claire said...

You've got a natural on your hands! I love how excited he is after he makes the shot!

Garrett Elliott said...

Rob G: Our boys will make a formidable front line on the Pistons in 2028!

Claire: Yeah, he's hilarious when he dunks it! He's so happy. I can't wait until we can go outside and have more space, but right now it's snowing (?!?).