Saturday, November 15, 2008

Almost Winter! Boo-urns.

Since there won't be many days left where we can play in the park without winter gear, here are some photos of us enjoying one of the last few fall days at Parker's favourite park (Fairfield).  It's kind of funny going back and looking at older photos of him on the swings because he was so little!  Now he's huge, and he leans his head back and laughs and kicks and sometimes even lets go of the chains to go hands-free!  He has n0 f33r.

Slides are awesome!

Here's Parker hanging upside-down on Mommy's lap while she tickles his tummy.

To get into the park he had to walk under a log fence post, which he thought was pretty funny.
Bring on the winter!  Well.......maybe not.


Claire said...

Parker is such a little boy now - I love how much he loves to play!

Garrett Elliott said...

Yeah, he's pretty funny! I wonder what he's going to think of snow?

Allison Boone said...

Looks weird, we have snow already:( Could you email me a high resolution version of the family group photo from Thanksgiving? I want to develop it for Nana. April seems to have picked up a few tricks living with a professional photographer, she took some great photos!