Monday, November 3, 2008

Naked Baby Photos & Independent Reading Time

Who likes naked baby photos? Not the baby after he's grown up, that's for sure. Here he is showing off his climbing skills now that he's a humongous super giant:

Busted trying to sneak out of the tub!

And here he is concentrating pretty hard on a book. He could be playing with the pail, or the farm, or the blocks, but noooooooo -- he wants to read the book.

Parker's language skills are growing along with his height! Here's a rough list of words he knows (I might be forgetting some, but maybe once April wakes up I'll get her to check it over):

please keys trees peas cheese (notice a trend?) water milk juice up mama dada mail car apple banana (his first 3-syllable word!) beef corn home papa (although he calls the phone papa) nana bye-bye hi hair nose mouth eyes truck yeah no shoes book kitty woof-woof roar weeeeee (he calls swings and slides weeeees) chicken me pee-pee Elmo hello (sounds like wewwo, and he only says it when he holds the phone up to his ear) tummy bump-bump Toopy clock baby all-gone all-clean


Claire said...

You could win an award for the "oops I've been caught" picture of Parker in the bathtub!

Boy, is he smart! Choosing to read books instead of playing with his toys!

Abuelita said...

Love the new photos! Houdini had nothing on Parker, the escape artist. Does he try to get out on his own all the time? Sign he's getting big, guys!

Andrea said...

I literally laughed out loud at the sneaking out of the tub photo!! So great!!