Saturday, November 29, 2008

Be My Echo

In honour of Parker's latest obsession, here's a video featuring Ernie and Elmo:

Considering he doesn't ever really watch Elmo on TV, he's completely obsessed with him.  He has what April and I call "Elmo spazzes" where he wants Elmo so badly that he just keeps going, "Elmo!  Elmo!  Elmo!  Elmo!"  He doesn't even necessarily need to touch or hold Elmo, he just wants him in the general vacinity.  It's kind of funny, but sort of weird at the same time.  The other day when I put Parker down for a nap, he saw his Elmo book (he has a Hokey Pokey book with Elmo and the Sesame Street folks) and he wouldn't sleep until I gave him the book.  He curled up and gave it a hug and drifted off into dream land.  Probably dreaming of Ernie and Elmo!

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha.... how ironic. I may be telling stories, but remember your obsession with Ernie, when you were Parker's age? You had to have that cute wee Ernie doll, you would have nothing to do with Bert.

Now you,"Ernie" & Parker,"Elmo" sing the Echo Song

I love that !!!! : )