Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fall Colours

While there were still leaves on the trees (although a lot of them were on the ground at that point), Parker and I took a trip to Lemoine Point so he could run around!  Here are some photos of him exploring the trails.  I told you I had lots of photos to post!

In his stroller, the mighty Pliko P3.

I turned him loose on the path and he took off running!  Luckily he's not very fast.......yet.

Some leaves were falling from the trees and he thought that was pretty awesome.  He tried to catch them!

Every now and then you just have to stop and play with the velcro straps on your shoes.

I thought I'd try and take advantage of the leaves on the ground, so I sat down to get nice and low.  When Parker saw me he sat in the leaves too!  
It's hard to see, buried in the leaves, but Parker loooooved chasing a ball around.  My parents got him this weird hollow ball that's easy to pick up and he was kicking it and chasing it down the path.

That's a lot of leafy photos.


Claire said... are the champion of posting Parker pics....yeah!!!!! Keep them coming! Parker looks so cute and small in the forest...I especially love when he's trying to catch the leaves...precious.

Kristyne said...

Gorgeous pics! Looks like a fun afternoon!!