Monday, November 3, 2008

More Faces

Not unlike Simon Belmont from the old Captain N: The Game Master cartoon, Parker loves checking himself out in mirrors.  We listen to a lot of music in the living room and sometimes when he hears a song he really likes (such as Raffi's "Aiken Drum") he'll dash down the hall giggling until he gets to the mirrors on the closet doors.  He might dance a little bit, lean in close to get a good look at himself, make some funny faces, or spin around.  Or any combination of those things.  Here he is doing his thing.

No wonder he's so used to the camera -- check out how close I get to him when I shoot sometimes.  I'm all up in his face and he's all like, "YO DADDY WHY YOU ALL UP IN MY FACE?!?!"

To combat my up-in-his-face-ness, he offered me Cheerios.

Looks like he's doing some vocal warmups or something.  La la la la....  me me me me....  And all those little smudge marks are from his little sweaty hands.  Looks like we need to break out the Windex.  Don't judge!
Checking out his belly-button.  Parker looks pleased.

"Ahhhh!  There's a guy behind me with a camera!  Oh wait."

Mouthful of grapes!  Although one of Parker's new favourite foods is apples.  He'll go to the fridge (if we open it for him) and rummage through the crisper drawers to grab an apple all by himself! And then he'll take big bites out of it all by himself!  And then he'll spit out the skin into his hand and give it to me all by himself!  I guess that's better than finding it in little piles behind a book shelf.


Claire said...

Parker- you're funny!

Kristyne said...

How do they do that? How do our little ones take bites out of an apple, eat the flesh, and spit out only the skin? Amazes me when my little guy does that...

Parker's beyond cute... but you already know that! :D