Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Super Ninja Skills

Speaking of nunchuck skills, Parker showed off his advanced ninja training yesterday before his nap. I was downstairs and heard a gigantic thump so I flew up the stairs (actually I don't even think I touched the floor -- I was like a stone skipping across water) and found Parker sitting on the floor, outside of his crib, looking stunned. His blankets and stuffed animals were on the floor next to him in a big pile. I think he threw his stuff out of the crib and then did a flip over the railing trying to get to them. That's my theory anyways. He was totally fine, but definitely surprised. He does this thing where he scrambles to a sitting position if you wake him up, as if to show you that he's awake and not sleeping, and that's what I pictured him doing after he hit the floor. I picked him up and checked him out for any bumps or painful spots, but he was fine. Luckily babies are made out of rubber. I gave him some Tylenol (just in case he was sore), changed his diaper, put him back in his crib, and he went to sleep within a minute. Now that he's fallen out of his crib once I doubt he'll try it again! I'm just kind of surprised it didn't happen sooner! He's pretty fearless about climbing on things.


Kristyne said...

It might be time to start thinking about a toddler bed, especially if he shows off his new trick again! I can't believe he got himself out of his crib!

Claire said...

That is so scary (a bit funny b/c he isn't hurt, but scary!) He is so big and can move around so well now! Maybe it is time to look into moving him into a big boy bed.

Abuelita said...

Perhaps this is an old saying, but I have always heard that toilet training and a toddler's bed go hand in hand...perhaps it's time for Parker to experience a new bed. Thank God he was not hurt!